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Following a request from a member of public, the County Council wish to record a Restricted Byway on the Chalgrove Recreation Ground, and a public consultation is now open for comments.

A restricted byway would allow horses, and non-mechanically propelled vehicles on to the Recreation Ground, along the proposed route shown in red.


Chalgrove Parish Council strongly object to this byway for the following reasons:

- the Parish Council do not believe that this was ever an historical byway due to evidence of ponds which determine that horse and cart could not have passed

- having studied the maps used as evidence there is no definite conclusion that the proposed route was a historical byway

- in this present day it would be unreasonable to have horses on the recreation ground which could have serious safety implications for children playing

- all dogs may have to be kept on leads

- the byway may have to be fenced off at a cost to the taxpayer

- horse manure may need to be regularly cleared by the Parish Council at a cost to the taxpayer

- the Parish Council insurance policies may need to be amended and increased at a cost to the taxpayer

- the proposed byway would be a ‘dead end’, finishing at the boundary of the church land where horses are not permitted; there is insufficient room for turning around

- the width of the proposed byway may have implications on the Skate Park and Recreation Ground trees

- there may be less space for parking within the public car park by the school

- the proposal may have an impact on many of the events currently held on the Recreation Ground such as the May Day Festival and the annual fair


Chalgrove Parish Council take the history of our village very seriously, working alongside Chalgrove Local History Group to protect the village archives and record historical data. However, we firmly believe that there is no sound evidence that this was a historical byway; only supposition, conjecture and indication. This proposal will have a detrimental effect on village life today - the Recreation Ground is in constant use by dog walkers, football players, families, and unaccompanied children, who all use the variety of wonderful facilities that the Parish Council offer.

Allowing horses onto this recreation ground would create a safety hazard for all users.


If you wish to comment on the consultation, please respond directly to: Principal Officer, Countryside Records, Oxfordshire County Council, Ground Floor, County Hall, Oxford, OX1 1ND, or

If you have any queries regarding the proposal or the consultation, please contact Jo, the Clerk, on 01865 890432 or

The deadline for all comments is the 21st February 2020